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Buna N

Buna N is known for its excellent physical properties and resistance to hydrocarbon solvents, alkalines, petroleum oils, vegetable oils, aviation gasoline, and water.  Ability to withstand a wide range of conditions based on specific applications.


Neoprene rubber, also known as polychloroprene, is a flexible, rugged and versatile synthetic material with a wide range of temperature resistance.  Common applications include gaskets, tubing and more.


Rubber sheeting available in varying thicknesses, widths and sizes with excellent resistance to ozone and weathering.


Open and closed cell rubber available offering excellent resiliency and flexibility.


Urethanes offer superiority other elastomers in abrasion resistance and toughness, and are used in applications in which good performance and long service life are important.  Popular applications include printing rolls, gaskets, seals, cable insulation and conveyor belts.


Please call for product descriptions and availability.

Additional Rubber Products Available per Request